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About Life Long Solar

Life long solar is founded in 2011 and specializes in the production of solar water heaters our companies is a leader in manufacturing and supplying of premium quality solar energy equipment’s. The company has plunged into this sphere of business with an aim to bring awareness among the people for energy conservation. We are well known for our world famous eco-friendly solar power products comprising solar lantern, solar street lighting system, solar agriculture systems, solar home power systems, solar garden lightnings, solar mobile charger, solar cooling caps, solar torches, solar road studs. We are located in Haldwani uttrakhand.

We supply good price and high quality solar water heaters, solar collectors, solar vacuum tube, solar water tank, solar bracket, solar panel, specification of PVC panel, solar hot water project and other related accessory and fittings. We has been in solar business for many years.

Our company has ,ISO 9001-2008 certificates. We are honest to be your best supplier.


To pioneer the renewable energy sector with products that are indigenously developed, qualitatively superior and affordable to adopt.


  • To be the preferred choice of customers desiring to adopt renewable energy and energy efficient products and services.
  • To provide world class products and services which are value driven and help reduce dependence on non renewable energy sources.
  • To facilitate pro environment choices that allow people to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment for a better tomorrow.


We are a service oriented company that likes to WOW our customers every time. We innovate, deliver world class products and support our customers as they make decisions of foresight. We put our customers first and their contentment is our true reward.

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We are the world’s leading solar energy solutions provider.