Solar Panel/Module

The solar panel definition above is simple and easy to understand. Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity on a small scale from the sun.
Solar panels are commonly named solar cells or photovoltaic cells.
A photovoltaic module is an interconnected collection of cells combined into one item.
Solar modules allow for a wide range of varying sizes of solar panel products to be manufactured.
When a number of solar or photovoltaic modules are installed together, this is commonly referred to as a solar array, or photovoltaic array.
Arrays are a great way to increase the potential of a solar electricity system, to provide a greater output of electricity.
Life ling solar offers a finest range of solar panels / modules in mono/ multi crystalline and thin film modules of all types and sizes. We ensure fabricating these products as per the requisites of customers, and design and engineer the products with high precision so as to derive exact final output. We have advanced facility and equipments for production ofpanel and modules and each and every panel goes through stringent testing so that outstanding final product is derived. We make these solar panels/solar modules available at leading and competitive rates for our customers.

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