Terms of Service

1. Civil work, structural work, Electrical work and over head tank: – If any will be the responsibility of the buyer. ETC gravity feed systems needs overhead tank at a height of 5feet from the terrace. Total water head should be within 9Ft. FPC systems the OHT should be at 6Ft height and total head should be within 10Ft. Non Return valves should be fixed in hot water and cold water lines. Air vent near to the hot water outlet is mandatory. All pressurized systems needs digital temperature controllers for back up heating.

2. For Hard water above 200 PPM. Flat plate collectors are not recommended. Suitable ETC systems to be used. For climatic conditions less than 4 Degree Centigrade Heat Exchanger systems with Antifreeze liquid should be used.

3. Delivery: The customer is required to make 100% payment at the time of booking deliveries will be affected as per the committed delivery date. Any change in schedule may kindly be intimated well in advance be either party. For remote locations the delivery may get delayed.

4. Force majeure: Neither party shall be liable for breach of this agreement if and to the extent that fulfillment of a term has been prevented, hindered or delayed by force majeure.

The expression “Force majeure” shall mean strikes, lockouts, and event or circumstances beyond the immediate control of either party including without prejudice to the generally of the foregoing riots, civil commotions, war, national or international emergency, destruction, or damage due to natural forces, fires, explosions, and compliance with order or request of any national or local authority.

5. This is a written whole some contract and oral commitments, if any. Shall not be entertained by the company.

6. All disputes subject to Rajkot Jurisdiction only.

7. Cancellation of order: will attract levy of Rs. 3000 (Rupees Two thousand only) as charges towards expenses incurred by the company.

8. Guarantee against manufacturing defects. 5 years from date of purchase for Solar water Heating systems supplied under MNRE subsidy in India. All other products the standard warranty is 12 Months from the date of supply only.

9. As the systems are offered and sold at subsidized rates after deducting the capital subsidy from Govt. of India and hence customers are required to necessarily give more information and documents are required by the government.

10. As solar geysers are to replace electrical geysers, we urge our valued customers to select suitable capacity for round the clock usage. We earnestly request you to not to connect the heater provided, if any on the tank.

Warranty : Scope & Limit

Life Long Solar offers the following warranty in respect of solar geysers manufactured by them.

Every possible care and precaution gas been taken to ensure quality in respect of the material and workmanship in the solar water heating system manufactured by us.

Life Long Solar will replace or repair at their work or at your site, free of charge within a period of 12 Months from the date of sale, such parts/ parts therefore as may found on examination to have manufacturing defects. Packing, forwarding, transportation etc., to be taken care by the customer.

Life Long Solar
Reserves the right either to replace or repair the defective parts where defective parts can be replaced by any parts or alternative brands which are normally used by Life Long Solar in the course of manufacture.

Life Long Solar reserves the right to carry out the replacement by a part/ parts of any such alternative brands.

This warranty and any claim arising there from is subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction only. No claim for exchange or repair will be entertained unless the customer produces the owner’s manual in original to enable the company to verify the details. Further this warranty is not applicable to the following:

1. Normal maintenance operation like cleaning of glass, drawing of the tank etc.

2. Replacement o electrical heater, rubber components like grommets, bushes etc.

3. Parts of the system have been subjected to misuses accidents, negligent treatment or which have been used in conjunction with parts and an equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by Lifelong Solar if in the sole judgment of Lifelong Solar such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the system.

4. Parts of the system that have been modified or altered or replaced in unauthorized manner and which in the sole judgment of the Lifelong Solar affects its performance and reliability.

5. Systems which have not been operated or maintained in according with the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual.

6. System operated with hard water i.e.…, hardness above 200ppm.

7. Toughened glass glazing of the solar panel.

Life Long Solar reserves the right to make any changes in designs or to add any improvements on the system at any time without incurring any obligation to install the same on a system previously supplied and sold, also the conditions of the warranty are subject to alternation without any notice.

This warranty is the entire written warranty given by the Life Long Solar for Life Long Solar  Geysers and no other persons including the dealers or its agents employees are authorized to extent or enlarge this warranty.

This warranty is given in lieu of and excludes every condition of warranty whether statutory or otherwise not here in expressly ser out.

This warranty will not be valid if it does not have the official seal, signature any fully paid cash receipt.

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